Hi, I'm Emilie.

I'm a developer community manager and computer science educator located in Seattle, Washington.
pronouns = ["she", "her", "they", "them"]

I'm a Developer Community Manager and part-time computer science professor. I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science and have taught computer science for almost a decade.

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CS Education && Outreach

As Emilie was a first-generation college student and identifies as a queer, non-binary woman in computer science, they understand the importance and urgency of addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field. With their background, they relate to many who are just starting to learn to code, and strive to set an example for future computer scientists.

Emilie hosting a panel discussion on technical interviews.
Emilie hosting a Developers event.
Emilie teaching what not to do in a computer science classroom during TEALS's 2019 summer training.
Emilie on lab management

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